Preserved truffles

Preserved truffles

The black truffle is a delicacy of the earth that has very limited harvesting during certain months of the year. In addition to this, it has a short shelf life. From the moment it is harvested, it begins to lose its aroma, which is undoubtedly its most precious value. Its fresh life is so ephemeral that its preservation becomes a challenge for those who consider it a jewel of gastronomy. Fortunately, there are industrialised methods that allow it to be preserved in its own juice, that is to say, to obtain a preserved truffle.

If you are a truffle connoisseur, you will know that if you buy fresh truffles, they must be consumed fresh. Preserving a black truffle is a methodical but not complex task, although for some people it can be a bit tiring. Keeping its properties at an optimum level requires some very specific but accessible care for everyone.

The basic recommendations for preserving truffles properly range from maintaining the right temperature to using the ideal container for their preservation. According to experts, truffles should never be kept at room temperature. They should be kept at a refrigerated temperature, no higher than 4°C, in an airtight container on a base of rice. This is because the rice absorbs the humidity of the truffle and helps to preserve it for a longer period of time. In addition, it is advisable to open the container once or twice a day, to avoid the accumulation of humidity and to give the truffle a break. Does this sound too complicated? Well, it's not for nothing that this food is considered a jewel.

How to easily preserve truffles

Although the best way to enjoy the incomparable aroma and flavour of a fruit is to eat it fresh, there are possibilities such as preserves that can make your life easier. Preserved black truffles are available all year round and guarantee their main characteristics.

The treatment of the truffle and the presentation in which it is acquired will depend a lot on the use that each person wants to make of it. There may be people who have incorporated truffles in their recipes on a regular basis, while others use them sporadically.

Black truffle juice, truffle breakings and black truffle peelings can be obtained from the black truffle. Truffle juice is obtained from the first cooking of fresh black truffles. It can be used in many recipes to add a special, authentic flavour. As for the truffle breakings, it is simply the grated or chopped mushroom, ready to be added to any kind of dish.

Preserved truffles have a wide use in cooking. They can be used to make sauces, rice, pasta, vegetables, vegetable stews, fish or meat, omelettes, and many more.

These are all gourmet products that you can get in specialised shops. It is important that, when you buy tinned truffles, you make sure that the process has been natural and does not contain any type of additives (preservatives).


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